Dunjun Hexplorer


4042 front cover, featuring a purple background with an upside down segmented golden triangle at the top
4042 back cover, featuring the above track listing over a segmented sphere
4042 inner cover, with text over a segmented sphere that reads: 'dunjun hexplorer is: - Alexi, a white nonbinary humanoid from 1991, - Skoll, a purple HP 15-g137ds from 2015' and 'Alexi would like to thank: Jared Gillow (may his soul know joy), Mark Funk, and the other triumvirate members. Skoll would like to thank: Ableton Live 11, Paint.NET, Termius, and Tarn Adams.'

My second album, this one was based on a rune reading I did on New Year’s Day of 2021. (This is why there are 12 tracks; one for each month of the year.) I got a little more experimental with some fun samples, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Track List

  1. A Form of Worship (02:31)
  2. Innocent in Some Ways (02:00)
  3. As In Death (03:27)
  4. Good to Struggle (03:49)
  5. Proud and Honorable (03:08)
  6. Keeping Yourself Alive (00:50)
  7. At My Depths (03:41)
  8. A Painful Warning (02:47)
  9. The Universe Defenestrating Itself (03:54)
  10. Guilty in Others (01:58)
  11. Full of Fire Inside (02:10)
  12. I Don’t Plan to Die (02:45)